Body Treatments



   Back Facial   $125.00     

     This treatment consists of cleansing, toning, exfoliating, hot towels, steaming, extractions,        and appropriate mask for your back.  To finish, a treatment serum and hydrating                  moisturizer is applied. 

   Cellulite Treatment (75 min.)   $120.00

    This invigorating treatment includes cleansing, exfoliating and a gentle lymph drainage         massage incorporating precisely targeted detoxifying and stimulating essential oils.               Following is a lotion and wrap designed to accelerate micro-circulation, thus increasing         the rapidity and efficacy of the oils.

   - (package of 6 sessions 15% off)


   Moisturizing Body Scrub (75 min.)   $85.00

    Your skin will feel velvety smooth with this full body cleansing, deep sea salt exfoliation,         light massage incorporating a vitamin enriched aromatic essential oil blend, ending with a     revitalizing body moisturizer.

   - (package of 3 sessions 15% off)

   Body Wrap (90 min.)   $150.00

    This hand-crafted body treatment consists of a relaxing full body light massage                     incorporating three essences to best achieve slimming, firming, circulation boosting and         relaxation effects.  Following is an essence body mask containing marine algae and             lavender essential oil, which is applied over the entire body, and wrapped in a                   heating blanket for a complete feeling of relaxation.       

   - (package of 3 wraps 15% off)

   Green Peel Body Energy   $350 

   This invigorating treatment provides your skin with a kick of vitality and regeneration               without a peeling effect. It provides energy, stimulates blood circulation and                         metabolism thus leading to dramatic visible results in skin tone and texture. Additionally, it       boosts collagen and elastin production making it amazing for stretch marks and aids in         decreasing thre appearance of cellulite.

   Pre & Post Treatment Instructions

   * drink plenty of water before, during and after treatment (to prevent dehydration & to           support activated metabolism)

   * avoid rich meals before and after

   * exercise and balanced nutrition will increase results

   * home care products to be used 2 days following the treatment (arms: 3-4 days                 following)

   * Mornings: apply Perfect Future Ampoule followed by  CelluContour Body Cream 

    * Evenings: apply Perfect Future Ampoule followed by Shape Perfection Body Oil

    Body Massage

   Swedish (Relaxation)  - (30 minutes)   $60.00

                                - (60 minutes)   $90.00

    Lymphatic Drainage & Aromatherapy  - (30 minutes)   $65.00

                                                      - (60 minutes)   $95.00

    Face Massage (30 minutes)   $35.00

    - (add on face mask)   $10 - $20



Woman with Face Cream
Salts Massage