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Permanent Make-up 



   1st  Procedure   $450.00
   Required touch-up (within 4-8 wks)   $200.00
   Annual Refresh (within 1-1.5 yrs)   $275.00

   Touch-up (within 2 yrs)   $350.00

  Lip Blush

   1st Procedure   $450.00
   Required touch-up (within 4-8 wks)   $150.00
   Annual Refresh (within 1-1.5 yrs)   $250.00

   Refresh (within 2 yrs)   $325.00

 Lash Enhancement (soft eyeliner in between lashes)

  Procedure   $450.00                       

  Optional touch-up (within 4-8 wks)   $150.00   


 Start your journey to radiant beauty and holistic well-being at Beautiful Reasons Spa, where indulgence meets   transformation. Experience the rejuvenating touch of our expert Facial Treatments, tailored to unveil your skin's natural   radiance. Elevate your self-care ritual with precision and luxury through our advanced Laser Treatments and   invigorating  Body Treatments. Book now to discover the art of radiant transformation at Beautiful Reasons Spa.


Permanent Makeup
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